I’m so glad you are here! It’s an act of personal strength to consider counseling. If you are reading this, you’ve taken your first step on a path toward healing and fulfillment.

Sometimes life throws us challenges that feel overwhelming. This often leads us away from our true selves, our calling or purpose, our hopes and dreams. We might experience anxiety, stress, overwhelm, or hopelessness that leave us feeling lost in the storm. Regardless of how big the problem is, I believe there are solutions waiting to be found. My goal is to help you weather the storm, supporting your strengths and values along the way, so you can experience healing, empowerment, and the life you are looking for.

My approach is solution-focused and based in interpersonal neurobiology, authenticity, mindfulness, and nervous system regulation. I will listen with my heart. I will support you being fully and completely YOU, as that is the key to all healing.

I am a Registered Psychotherapist (NLC), nearing completion of licensure requirements. I am also a National Board-Certified Counselor (NCC), a Licensed School Counselor in the State of Colorado, and a Certified Synergetic Play Therapist™. I have additional training in Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) and HeartMath HRV Training.

I work with adults as well as children ages 4 to 10. I treat behavioral issues, anxiety, stress, depression, grief and loss, family relationships, school problems, parenting, the emotional challenges of chronic illness, and caregiver stress. Services I provide individual counseling, play therapy, parent coaching and consultation. I use evidence-based modalities including SFBT, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Synergetic Play Therapy™, and Heart Rate Variability Training.

Synergetic Play Therapy™
Play is the primary language of children. I specialize in transforming the lives of children and their caregivers using Synergetic Play Therapy™ (SPT), a research informed model of play therapy blending the therapeutic power of play with nervous system regulation, interpersonal neurobiology, attunement, attachment, mindfulness, and authenticity. SPT helps children who struggle with behaviors, adjustment, trauma, anxiety, attachment and beyond. Parents and caregivers are encouraged to participate in coaching sessions where they will learn how to apply SPT skills at home. The beauty of SPT is that the tenets and philosophy can be applied to all aspects of life, not just in the playroom! SPT guides my work regardless of age level. For more information on SPT please visit: https://synergeticplaytherapy.com/parents/

I’ve worked with children and families since 1990, first as a teacher in California and Colorado, then as a school counselor, and now as a therapist in private practice. My passion is working with children and caregivers, teaching them how to be connected and authentic in their relationship with self and others, so empowerment and healing can arise.

When I’m not in the office or playroom I love hiking in our beautiful mountains. I enjoy traveling to national parks all over the map from Assateague National Seashore in Virginia to Olympic National Park in Washington state, as well as Canyonlands, Arches, and Mesa Verde closer to home. Most of all, I love spending time with my family both near and far.



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August 6, 2021