As a counselor and as a human I believe deeply in the importance of coming as you are, however you are. And that this is the best place to begin. Each one of us comes with our mistakes and bruises, and our perfect fallibility. And these are moments to be celebrated and learned from. To say the least, I am passionate about supporting others in their own journeys of healing and self-discovery. Through a process of collaboration, facilitation, honesty, and genuine interaction, my goal is to help others feel more empowered and at home in themselves in every sense of the word. In so doing, I lean on the importance of creating a safe space for everyone, based on trust, safety, and authenticity. It is within this safety that healing and transformation can begin.

The work I do is supported on a background of steady meditation practice for 20+ years, along with an imperfect, yet heartfelt dedication to mindful self-compassion. Similarly as a lover of movement I understand the importance of body centered and somatic work which are areas of interest and growth for me as a practitioner. My greatest passion is in working with grief and death, and currently am a death awareness teacher in training, and am pursuing a certification in trauma, grief, and renewal. As someone with my own deep deaths I bring this intimate, experienced awareness to the belief that grief is something to be nourished and worked with, not gotten over. It is a fruitful and ripe place if we allow it, and are willing to turn our face towards what we would rather not.

Let me not forget that as a parent, a father and husband, that I understand deeply the complexities that come with family life, and the intricacies that come in relationship, both humbling and beautiful. My family is my greatest and most demanding teacher, and a love beyond my ability to convey.

My background also lies in a reverent respect for the healing, support, and necessary challenges that being outside can offer. Similarly I have a love for creativity, having worked as a professional artist for 15 years before deciding to cede to the call of working as a counselor.

Therapy Specialties include:

Grief and Loss

Availability: In office Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays 2-8 p.m.

“There are no great answers you could say, but only great questions made greater when their answers are nobly defeated by the awe and mystery of the way things are.” – Stephen Jenkinson”


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June 5, 2023