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Our therapists all have extensive experience working with complex issues including depression and anxiety, trauma, addiction, family issues and youth and child mental health. We pride ourselves on culturally competent and compassionate care and strive to approach healing from an attitude of acceptance.

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Riversage Family Counseling Interns

As part of state licensure requirements, all therapists are trained in an extensive pre-graduate student internship. Riversage Family Counseling has the privilege of hosting several compassionate and competent student interns. Our student interns are selected through an interview process and commit to uphold our agency’s mission- to provide the highest quality of care with strength and compassion. With client consent, our interns and trainees provide in-session support in conjunction with a practicing clinician. Our interns, when deemed ready, may also provide independent services to in-coming clients. These services include assessment, individual counseling, couples counseling, client education, and group counseling.

  • Interns strictly adhere to ethical guidelines of the counseling profession, which are specified by the American Counseling Association Code of Ethics.
  • Interns have completed all Master’s level didactic courses in their field of study.
  • Interns have been assessed and found competent by their educational institutions to apply clinical skills by working with clients.
  • Interns attend and participate in weekly supervision with a supervising clinician where they receive intensive, ongoing guidance.


Rio is a 7 year old Australian Shepherd and certified Therapy Dog. He spent his first 3 years of service offering support and learning to children in the Ignacio School system. Today he is a resident therapy assistant in the Riversage office. He often greets clients in the waiting room and if he is particularly excited to see you, you might even get a friendly “howlo”. Rio has a special way of knowing what is needed whether it’s comfort, space, or a friendly wag of the tail. And he always welcomes a good rub behind the ears.

We recognize that some may not appreciate his furry presence so we are happy to accommodate if requested.

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