Lillian Ramey, MSW

As founder and owner of Riversage Family Counseling I spent the first 25 years of my career providing direct services to clients of all ages and walks of life with special emphasis on healing from traumatic life experiences. Training clinicians in EMDR for over 8 years I had the opportunity to grow and support a diverse group of clinicians all around the country, simultaneously exposing me to a variety of perspectives and ideas. As opportunities grew over time and I found myself doing therapy, training, consulting, running a business and a family it became apparent that something had to shift.

Today I am excited to focus my energy and attention on strengthening the team and services available here at Riversage. While I cherished the many years I spent working directly with clients, it is refreshing to fully focus on creating a structure and culture that empowers our team to provide the best possible services.

As I pursue my Doctorate of Organizational Leadership and Change I see through a new lens the need for examining the systems that guide clinical practice. The importance of putting into real, honest action the buzzwords of today – diversity, equity, inclusion, empowerment, wellness. AS we tell our clients, change doesn’t happen just because we desire it. It takes time, energy, motivation, resources and leadership to accomplish our goals and Riversage is ready to take that to the next level. If you would like to hear more about how Riversage is tackling these important issues, please reach out to me!

I have always valued the experiences in life. Some will thrill us, some will break us, some will make us laugh, cry, or dance around, but all will teach us and we will never stop learning. To a new season of learning and growing together!

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Executive Director



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August 6, 2021